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Guaranteed College Acceptance

BridgewateC ollege Partnership
University of Dayton Partnership
Hood College Partnership
Lebanon Valley College Partnership
Marymount University Partnership
McDaniel College Partnership
Mount St. Mary's University Partnership
Neumann University Partnership
Quinnipiac University
Saint Vincent College Partnership
Seton Hill University Partnership
Siena College Partnership
St. Bonaventure University Partnership
Widener University Partnership
Wilson College Partnership

Saint John’s Catholic Prep has forged a partnership with universities to provide GUARANTEED COLLEGE ACCEPTANCE for incoming students and annual SCHOLARSHIPS to Saint John Catholic Prep graduates that meet their requirements. The collegiate scholarships provided are often of higher value than the cost of four years of high school tuition. Where you go to high school matters. You can be confident, attending Saint John’s Catholic Prep is one of the best investments in your future!

Marymount University
3.0 GPA, no SAT/ACT required or 2.8 GPA + 1030 SAT or 20 ACT
Guaranteed Admission
$16,500* per year minimum = $66,000 total minimum guaranteed
*includes $2000 Catholic HS and $2000 Saint John's Catholic Prep Scholarship
Misericordia University
3.0 GPA, no SAT/ACT required
Guaranteed Admission
$16,500 per year minimum = $66,000 total minimum guaranteed

Students with a 3.2 GPA will be guaranteed admission to MU’s 6-year DPT, 6-year DOT, and 5-year SLPMS programs. 

Neumann University
2.5 GPA + 900 SAT
Guaranteed Admission
Minimum Award Amounts:
$68,000 Trustee Scholarship ($17,000 per year for four years) - 3.85 GPA + 1300 SAT
$64,000 Presidential Scholarship ($16,000 per year for four years) - 3.5 GPA + 1200 SAT
$54,000 Deans Scholarship ($13,500 per year for four years) - 3.25 GPA +1000 SAT
$46,000 Assisi Award ($11,500 per year for four years) - 3.0 GPA + 1000 SAT
$28,000 Saint John Neumann Award: ($7,000 per year for four years) - 2.5 GPA + 900 SAT