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社区服务 is a portion of the educational process that addresses the moral and spiritual development of our students. By serving those outside our regular circle, we develop an appreciation of our many blessings. 这是我们在圣约翰的目标, to have our students recognize that they have the power to affect another life by caring enough to serve others.

Graduation from Saint John’s Catholic Prep requires 80 hours of community service from each student, 每年至少20个小时. Hours completed during the summer after 8th grade may be used. There are many opportunities in our community for service.

请联系. Ryczko, 社区服务主任, for more information on volunteer organizations or select one of the following websites for an online listing - 志愿者匹配, 志愿者马里兰, and 蒙哥马利县志愿者中心.

社区服务总监: Mrs. 珍妮特Ryczko




Students document their hours using the online platform MobileServe.  They can submit a photo of our signed community service form, have the supervisor sign the app on their phone, or have the supervisor respond to an email sent from MobileServe when the student logs the hours.